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04-13-2011, 09:45 PM
JNTU-HYD : Engineering Chemistry R13 Study Materials/Notes

UNIT I : Electrochemistry & Corrosion (http://jwfiles.net/52zx66q27aly/Unit_1_Electrochemistry_and_corrosion.pdf.html)

UNIT II : Engineering Materials (http://jwfiles.net/904tc2g6v4xo/Unit_2_Engineering_Materials.pdf.html)

UNIT III : Water and its Treatment (http://jwfiles.net/kpusth4t1v0m/Unit_3_water.pdf.html)

Unit IV : Fuels & Combustion (http://jwfiles.net/htf6aag5km5o/Unit_4_Fuels_and_combustion.pdf.html)

UNIT V : Phase Rule & Surface Chemistry (http://jwfiles.net/relsuoeytawy/Unit_5_Phase_rule_and_surfacechemistry.pdf.html)

ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY Sample Model Question Papers (http://jwfiles.net/69am1mjuoxbk/Engg_Chemistry_R13_model_Question_Papers.pdf.html)

Credits to B.Srinivas For Above Notes

Note : JNTUH shortened 8 units of previous regulations (R09) to form 5 units for R13. So refer the syllabus books & read the notes. Both regulations have same syllabus. So read the notes as mentioned in the below procedure.

Unit 1 (In R13) = Units 1,2 of R09 [From Below posted notes]
Unit 2 (In R13) = Unit 3,8 of R09 [From Below posted notes]
Unit 3 (In R13) = Unit 4 of R09 [From Below posted notes]
Unit 4 (In R13) = Unit 6 of R09 [From Below posted notes]
Unit 5 (In R13) = Units 5,7 of R09 [From Below posted notes]

Engineering Chemistry All 8 Units Study Materials (R09)


Unit Wise Study Materials R09

Unit 1 (http://jwfiles.net/35dt61ueabxy/Unit-1-Electrochemistrymaterial.pdf.html)
Unit 2 (http://jwfiles.net/q4a9ava261ov/Unit-2-Science-of-Corrosion.pdf.html)
Unit 3 (http://jwfiles.net/888gohko9ogp/Unit_3-Polymers.pdf.html)
Unit 4 (http://jwfiles.net/wi5aewl1llzj/Unit-4.rar.html)

Unit 5 (http://jwfiles.net/ju6j64awd14o/Unit-5-Surface-Chemistry.pdf.html)
Unit 6 (http://jwfiles.net/tawsbt9uzre2/Unit-6-Energy-Resources.pdf.html)
Unit 7 (http://jwfiles.net/6glap28ftg6u/Unit-7-Phaserule.pdf.html)
Unit 8 (http://jwfiles.net/whav5mjszrt1/Unit-8-Material-Science.pdf.html)

Extra Study Materials