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The computer based test had questions :-

Area and Perimeter, Probability, Problems on Ages, Pipes and Cisterns, Ratio and Proportion some logical questions, blood relations, percentages, profit-loss, area, direction sense etc.


1) Written

2) Technical

3) HR

4) Managial round


1. A man whose age is 45 yrs has 3 sons named John,jill,jack. He went to a park weekly twice.he loves his sons very much. On a certain day he find # shopkippers sailing different things. An apple cost 1penny, 2chocalate costs 1penny.& 3 bananas cost 1 penny. He has bought equal no. of apple, chocolate & banana for each son. If the total amount he invest is 7 penny then how many he has bought from each piece for his son?
a)1app,1cho,1 banana

b)1 app,2cho,3 banana


D)2 app,2cho,2 banana

2. A scientist was researching on animal behavior in his lab. He was very interested in analyzing the behavior of bear. For some reason he travelled 1mile in north direction & reached at north pole.there he saw a bear .he then followed the bear around 1 hr with a speed of 2km/hr in east direction.After that he travelled in south direction & reached at his lab in2 hrs. Then what is the colour of the bear? I think ans is white
a)white b)black c)gray d)brown

3. How many 9 digit numbers are possible by using the digits 1,2,3,4,5 which are divisible by 4 if repetition of digits is allowed?

4. Calcutation based on A^3-B^3 formula

5. A long story based ALICE AND WONDER LAND after that simple age question .

6. Question based on V=I*R but in dis question most of data given are ridiculas like volume ,density,length,height similar long story are given

7. A direct question on blood relation.

8. A big Question describing a story ARYABHATT AND HIS DAUGHTER LILAVATI
After that a number is given eg 2088.by what if we divide the number it ll become a perfect square?

9. 1st a story. Then a simple ratio problem. The question was if the ratio of age of two persons is 5:6,sum of present age is 33,then in how many years the ratio of their age becomes 7:8?
a)3 b)4 c)5 d)6

10. A very big story.on Tuesday college parking place have only 4wheelers & bicycles,total no of wheels was 182,yhen what is the possible no of bicycles?
a)20 b 19 c 18 d 17

11. Simple question bt big one on average age.sth like a,b,c weigheted separately 1st a,b,c ,then a& b,then b&c ,then c&a at last abc,the last weight was 167,then what will be the avg weight of the 7 weight?

12. Arrange the jumbled letters to make a perfect word RGTEI(sth like this). Find to which category it belong? (plz do not these type q becoz its time consuming)
A)town b)vegetable c)animal d) bird

13) Simple puzzle based on IQ
3 persons a,b,c were there A always says truth,B lies on Monday,tusday,& Wednesday.but C lies on thrusday,Friday & saturday .one day A said”that B & C said to A that” B said “yesterday way one of the days when I lies”,C said that”yesterday way one of the days when I lies too”.then which day was that?
Ans: a Sunday b thrusday c saterday d….

14) A girl has to make pizza with different toppings. There are 8 different toppings. In how many ways can she make pizzas with 2 different toppings.
Answer: 8 * 7 = 56

15) Peter and Paul are two friends. The sum of their ages is 35 years. Peter is twice as old as Paul was when Peter was as old as Paul is now. What is the present age of Peter?

16) Question based on pipe & ciston (geometrical series)
A and B tanks r there.1/8th of the tank B is filled in 22Hrs.what is time to fill the tank full?

17) 5 friends went for week end party to Mc donalds restrurent and there they measure there weights .some irrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrilevent data.finel measure is 155 kg then find the average weight of 5 people?

1Cool 2 pots are there.1st pot is filled with ink and 2nd pot is filled with water.take 1 spoon of ink from 1st pot and pore it in 2nd pot.and take 1 spoon of mixture from 2nd pot and pore it in 2nd pot then which one of following is true?
ans: Water in 1st pot is less than the ink in 2nd pot.

19) There r ten spots in library and each spot has 4 tables and ten readers ar there . 10 student come into liberary and want 2 study in how many ways that they sit in d liberary so that no chair would be blank?
ans :1

Technical Interview:
1) Basic C
2) Programm of palindrom
3) Same prom via pointer
4) Difference b/w structure & union
5) Question based on networking
6) Question based on tcp/ip & osi layer and their function
7) My final year project
Cool Industrial traing
9) Some questin based on switching theory
10) Kirchaff voltage law
11) Purpose of k-map
12) Addition of a+b in microprocessor

HR & Managial round:

1) Weakness

2) Question based on weakness

3) Microprocessor question

4) Difference b/w p4 & core2 dua microprocessor