Recommendation letter

Itís a pleasure to recommend XXX who is keen to pursue his graduate study at your university. He was my student for two semesters and I taught PHARMACOLOGY AD TOXICOLOGY for his class. During his association with me I found him as a matured person with broadminded thinking.
He possesses very good oral communication skills. These skills helped him express his ideas articulately and in a harmonious way. He makes the listener feel comfortable by clarity and command in his expression. Thus I personally found him to be a good teacher.

He ia an enterprising and selfmotivaing student. He always took initiative in promoting various seminars and group discussins in the classroom. I remember, he was the first student to give seminar voluntarily.

I also observed that, as a member of the student executive committee he promoted, organized, and also actively participated in-group activities. Considering his excellent academic performance and all the above qualities coupled with the pleasing demeanor, adaptability and initiative I rank him among the top students I have taught.
Hence, I strongly recommend XXXX to your graduate school with all possible financial assistantship, I am sure this well rounded student will contribute a lot to your institution by both his personality and ability



As we traverse trough the realms of imagination and connect with world of realty, we build paradigms, few, which mould our future and stand the test of time. It was One such paradigm that was the reason and conviction behind my decision to opt for pharmacy as my graduate major.

As an applicant for MSC pharmacology at your university, I would like to provide a brief account of my own interests and ambitions in pursuing the graduate study in your esteemed university.

I got my bachelor rof pharmacy from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, which is affiliated to XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXX, a premier institute of India. I was placed one of top three in a class of 60 students.

An exhilarating career in the field of pharmacology has been my dream. This dream led me choose pharmaceutical course. A well-structured and comprehensive course curriculum at SRR College of pharmaceutical sciences has laid a firm foundation in the areas of pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, bio-pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutical technology, biotechnology, physiology, medicinal chemistry etc. Equipped with a sound knowledge of pharmacology, pharmaceutical technology, medical chemistry, I am capable of pursing research in my choose field.

Why pharmacology

I may have capable of providing specific services in hospitals and other clinical environments, there by enhancing the quality use of medicine. I will be able to lead role in the decision making process of drug and drug product selection for individual patients, provide specialist drug information and education programs to patients and health care providers, effectively monitor patient therapy and conduct and evaluate pharmacology. This course covers essentials of pharmacology, mechanisms of drug action and metabolism, drug therapy and drug toxicology and includes a dedicated module dealing with research methods of biological science.


I have undergone plant training and have been exposed to tablet granulation, compression, coating capsulation, and liquid oral process and quality control departments in XXXXXXXXXXXX. This training provided me with a pro-graphic outlook and the perquisite attitude and aptitude for research.

I believe that the vast application potential and tremendous scope for research in the field of pharmacy provide me with an invigorating and challenging academic environment. By pursuing graduate study, I wish to move towards my goal of Contributing more effectively to the society scientist.

Graduate study, I feel, will provide ample opportunities to involve myself in my areas of interests. Experiencing the challenges and rewards of exploring new relationships between ideas and facts, acquiring expertise with tools and methods central to my discipline and there my honing my creative insights and abilities are some of the expectations in my mind for pursuing graduate study and research work.

Coming to my personality, I assure you that I have necessary commitment, intelligence, maturity and determination to achieve my goal. My strengths are conceptual understanding, self confidence, hardworking and optimism.


It is one of the largest, fastest growing and most innovative universities in XXXXXXXXX and a long tradition of providing students with a high quality education.
It was the first university in XXXX to establish an aboriginal and islander studies faculty.
It is offering more than 200 innovative programs and are the only XXXXXXXXXXXX to offer degrees in physiotherapy, biomedical and bio molecular sciences, physiotherapy, microbiology, radiography-diagnostics nursing studies and Radiation oncology and off campus and on campus programs for international students.

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