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Thread: Computer Concepts and C programming (CCP) Viva Questions.

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    Computer Concepts and C programming (CCP) Viva Questions.


    1. What do you mean by Hardware and Software?
    2. Mention the main components of computer and their functions.
    3. What is operating system (OS)?
    4. What is Algorithms?
    5. What is Flowchart?
    6. Name the four basic data types in “C” language.
    7. Describe at least five different format specifiers.
    8. Define and explain scanf() function.
    9. Define and explain printf() function.
    10. What are the maximum and minimum possible ranges of values for long and short type?
    11. What is Preprocessors?
    12. What exactly is a ‘variable scope’, ‘local variables’, and global variables?
    13. What are signed values?
    14. Define reserved words.
    15. What is the purpose of type declaration in C?
    16. What is identifier?
    17. Mention the different types of operators used in C.
    18. What is loop control statement?
    19. Explain while loop.
    20. Explain for loop.
    21. What do you mean by network?
    22. List a few unconditional control statement in C.
    23. What is an array?
    24. What is multidimensional array?
    25. Define string.
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