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Thread: JNTU-KAKINADA : B.Tech / B.Pharm II Year - II Sem- English Communication Practice Syllabus

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    JNTU-KAKINADA : B.Tech / B.Pharm II Year - II Sem- English Communication Practice Syllabus

    English Communication Practice Syllabus For II Year B.Tech/B.Pharm – II Semester

    Name of the Course
    : Explorations II
    Life, Language and Culture

    Purpose of the Course: English for Semester 4 is designed to provide the learners an opportunity to enhance their language skills through a reading of literary texts which will also help them relate themselves to different cultures vis-à-vis their own. Independent reading is also expected to increase spontaneity in expression among the learners.

    Objectives: The Course aims at exposing the learners to nuances in culture, inculcating the habit of independent reading which provides the learners an opportunity to develop critical thinking and analytical skills that can be applied to any subject.

    Content of the course
    : The literary pieces are carefully chosen from across cultures as samples of contemporary life and issues of global interest. This is meant to encourage students to relate language to personality development. In all, five literary pieces for Explorations II have been selected and another showcasing a holistic approach to life that can help one develop into better individuals and professionals.

    : Culture and traditions, philosophy, familial relationships, ethics, inter-personal relationships, ability to face disaster and poverty, tolerance.

    Time frame/Hours of instruction:
    2 hrs per week (for pre-reading and post reading tasks of the lessons). Total number of hours per semester - 32.

    Time Allocation for each unit
    : Reading of the text should be done at home. The class hours are meant for discussion, analysis and related activities. Project should be completed in consultation with the teacher.

    The title of the book
    Explorations- II Life, Language and Culture
    The stories included are
    1. Morning Bells by Jayashree Mohanraj
    2.The Power of the Plate of Rice by Ifeoma Okoye
    3. Famadihana and the Other Rituals by Jayashree Mohanraj
    4. Dial "000" by Barry Rosenberg
    5. Tsunami Religion by Anjali Prashar

    1. Prescribed Textbook

    Life, Language and Culture : Explorations -2 , Cengage Learning India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.

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