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Thread: JNTU-HYD : List of candidates (III Convocation) whose OD is not generated due to photo pending

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    JNTU-HYD : List of candidates (III Convocation) whose OD is not generated due to photo pending

    While generating the Original degree certificates of the Graduates who have completed their degree from your college, it is found that the digital photos of some of the graduates of your college are missing. Hence their original degree could not be generated. College Principals/Exam Staff are requested to send the digital photos as soon as possible through mail.

    H.Tno = Hallticket no
    CC = College Code

    H.Tno CC
    05071D4302 07
    07071D3304 07
    07111S0108 11
    08111S0104 11
    01111R0005 11
    06141F0035 14
    00141A0808 14
    07141D5809 14
    07141D5504 14
    07141A0348 14
    97141A0348 14
    08171S0309 17
    08171S0319 17
    08171S0314 17
    08171S0312 17
    08171S0302 17
    08171S0405 17
    08171S0210 17
    08171S0207 17
    08171S0406 17
    08171S0401 17
    08171S0404 17
    08171S0407 17
    08171S0409 17
    08171S0413 17
    08171S0415 17
    08171S0416 17
    08171S0417 17
    08171S0418 17
    08171S0503 17
    08171S0310 17
    07182J5001 18
    07182J5008 18
    08181J5004 18
    08181J5007 18
    08181J5021 18
    08211D5106 21
    08211D5816 21
    08211D5811 21
    08211D5705 21
    08211D5704 21
    08211D5102 21
    08211D5813 21
    08211D5715 21
    01211A0556 21
    06241D5203 24
    06241D5204 24
    01241A1259 24
    03241F0022 24
    07251D3814 25
    08271D5806 27
    08271D5803 27
    06271E0048 27
    03271A0526 27
    01281A0435 28
    01301A0439 30
    06311F0033 31
    05N81A0544 31
    03M41A0416 31
    08311E0052 31
    08311E0044 31
    07311F0037 31
    07311D6809 31
    07311D6803 31
    07311D2501 31
    07R91A0509 31
    07361D0608 36
    07361E0056 36
    07361D0611 36
    07361D0604 36
    07361D0607 36
    02371A0244 37
    00371A0316 37
    01371A1227 37
    08571E0022 57
    08571E0023 57
    08571E0026 57
    08571E0027 57
    08571E0029 57
    08571E0030 57
    08571E0031 57
    08571E0032 57
    08571E0033 57
    08571E0021 57
    08571E0020 57
    08571E0019 57
    08571E0024 57
    08571E0010 57
    08571E0011 57
    08571E0012 57
    08571E0013 57
    08571E0014 57
    08571E0015 57
    08571E0016 57
    08571E0017 57
    08571E0018 57
    08571E0034 57
    08571E0060 57
    08571E0048 57
    08571E0049 57
    08571E0050 57
    08571E0053 57
    08571E0054 57
    08571E0055 57
    08571E0056 57
    08571E0057 57
    08571E0058 57
    08571E0059 57
    08571E0047 57
    08571E0046 57
    08571E0035 57
    08571E0036 57
    08571E0037 57
    08571E0038 57
    08571E0039 57
    08571E0040 57
    08571E0042 57
    08571E0041 57
    08571E0043 57
    08571E0044 57
    08571E0045 57
    05581F0048 58
    06601A1246 60
    03601A0242 60
    06605A0401 60
    05601A0437 60
    03601A1019 60
    03601A1031 60
    03601A1037 60
    07611E0008 61
    07611E0058 61
    07621D2509 62
    07621D5703 62
    07621F0016 62
    07621D4303 62
    07621D6202 62
    06621D5707 62
    06621F0003 62
    02641A0567 64
    03661A1207 66
    07671D1309 67
    07671D2505 67
    01681A1217 68
    06841D5508 84
    07841D2503 84
    07841D5708 84
    07841D5805 84
    07841D5818 84
    07841D6214 84
    07871D5502 87
    07871E0051 87
    07871D5805 87
    08871D5616 87
    08871D5815 87
    08871D0601 87
    08871D0602 87
    08871D2509 87
    08871D2512 87
    08871D5601 87
    08871D5608 87
    08871D5803 87
    08871D5609 87
    08871D5613 87
    08871D5617 87
    08871D5802 87
    01871A0428 87
    06881F0027 88
    02881A0236 88
    07881D6501 88
    07911E0008 91
    02915A0503 91
    08931D3801 93
    08931D3802 93
    08931D5817 93
    08931D5807 93
    08931D3807 93
    08931D3803 93
    08951D5810 95
    08951D5807 95
    08951D5802 95
    03951A1226 95
    07B61E0008 B6
    07B81E0030 B8
    07B81D5705 B8
    07B81D5801 B8
    05B81F0033 B8
    03B85A0509 B8
    08B81D5705 B8
    08B81D5711 B8
    08B81D5716 B8
    08B81D5811 B8
    08B81D5706 B8
    05B91E0046 B9
    07B91E0059 B9
    07B91E0056 B9
    07B91D3803 B9
    08C11D5704 C1
    08C11D5509 C1
    08C11D2508 C1
    08C11D5812 C1
    08C11D5811 C1
    08C11D5712 C1
    08C11D5705 C1
    08C11D5702 C1
    08C11D5512 C1
    08C11D5506 C1
    08C11D2516 C1
    08C11D2515 C1
    08C11D2512 C1
    08C11D2510 C1
    08C11D2509 C1
    01C21A1217 C2
    01C21A0438 C2
    06C31E0037 C3
    06C31E0057 C3
    07C31E0017 C3
    07C31E0055 C3
    02C41A0247 C4
    01C41A1240 C4
    08C41D2507 C4
    08C41D5809 C4
    02C61A1201 C6
    07C61E0012 C6
    05C71F0048 C7
    07C81D5818 C8
    07C81D5808 C8
    08C81D5815 C8
    08C81D5814 C8
    08C81D5809 C8
    08C81D5816 C8
    08C81D5806 C8
    08C81D5805 C8
    08C81D5803 C8
    08C81D5801 C8
    08C81D2501 C8
    08C81D2518 C8
    08C81D2517 C8
    08C81D2512 C8
    08C81D2509 C8
    08C81D2508 C8
    08C81D2504 C8
    08C81D5807 C8
    02C95A1202 C9
    08D01E00F8 D0
    07D01E0026 D0
    07D01E0084 D0
    07D31E0053 D3
    07D31F0024 D3
    08D31E0017 D3
    08D31E0018 D3
    08D31E0019 D3
    08D31E0020 D3
    08D31E0021 D3
    08D31E0022 D3
    08D31E0024 D3
    08D31E0025 D3
    08D31E0026 D3
    08D31E0058 D3
    08D31E0028 D3
    08D31E0015 D3
    08D31E0013 D3
    08D31E0051 D3
    08D31E0001 D3
    08D31E0003 D3
    08D31E0004 D3
    08D31E0006 D3
    08D31E0007 D3
    08D31E0008 D3
    08D31E0009 D3
    08D31E0010 D3
    08D31E0012 D3
    08D31E0029 D3
    08D31E0030 D3
    08D31E0045 D3
    08D31E0046 D3
    08D31E0047 D3
    08D31E0048 D3
    08D31E0049 D3
    08D31E0050 D3
    08D31E0053 D3
    08D31E0055 D3
    08D31E0056 D3
    08D31E0036 D3
    08D31E0059 D3
    08D31E0060 D3
    08D31E0043 D3
    08D31E0011 D3
    08D31E0031 D3
    08D31E0032 D3
    08D31E0033 D3
    08D31E0034 D3
    08D31E0035 D3
    08D31E0037 D3
    08D31E0044 D3
    08D31E0038 D3
    08D31E0039 D3
    08D31E0040 D3
    08D31E0041 D3
    08D31E0042 D3
    07D41D0609 D4
    07D41D0603 D4
    02D41A1249 D4
    04D41A0210 D4
    03D51A0457 D5
    07D51A0481 D5
    07D51E0016 D5
    07D55A0502 D5
    07D91E0033 D9
    06D91E0003 D9
    06D91E0004 D9
    08D91D5804 D9
    08D91D5813 D9
    08D91D5815 D9
    08D91D7002 D9
    08D91D7004 D9
    08D91D7007 D9
    08D91E0003 D9
    08D91D4010 D9
    08E11E0054 E1
    08E11D5806 E1
    08E11D5818 E1
    08E11D5815 E1
    08E11D5814 E1
    08E11D5812 E1
    08E11D5809 E1
    08E11D5807 E1
    08E11D5802 E1
    08E11D5801 E1
    08E11D4906 E1
    08E11D4912 E1
    08E11D4915 E1
    08E11D4916 E1
    08E11D5514 E1
    03E11A0507 E1
    02E11A0535 E1
    07E11D5501 E1
    07E11E0038 E1
    07E11D5812 E1
    07E11D5509 E1
    07E11D5507 E1
    07E11D5506 E1
    01E21A0205 E2
    08E21D5504 E2
    08E21D5518 E2
    08E21D5811 E2
    08E31D6407 E3
    08E31D6403 E3
    08E31D6415 E3
    08E31E0005 E3
    07E31E0045 E3
    06E41F0057 E4
    03E71A0556 E7
    07E71E0059 E7
    07E71F0006 E7
    08E71D5716 E7
    08E71D5703 E7
    08E71D5704 E7
    08E71D5705 E7
    08E71D5706 E7
    08E71D5707 E7
    08E71D5709 E7
    08E71D5710 E7
    08E71D5711 E7
    08E71D5713 E7
    08E71D5714 E7
    08E71D5715 E7
    08E71D2518 E7
    08E71D2517 E7
    08E71D2516 E7
    08E71D2501 E7
    08E71D2502 E7
    08E71D2503 E7
    08E71D2504 E7
    08E71D2505 E7
    08E71D2507 E7
    08E71D2508 E7
    08E71D2512 E7
    08E71D2514 E7
    08E71D2513 E7
    08E71D2511 E7
    08E71D2510 E7
    03G81A0230 G8
    08GU5R0004 GU
    07GU1R0016 GU
    02H11A0425 H1
    0?H11F0060 H1
    07H51D5515 H5
    07H61F0023 H6
    08H61D5717 H6
    08H61D5709 H6
    08H61D5704 H6
    08H61D5517 H6
    08H61D5512 H6
    08H61D2503 H6
    07J11F0045 J1
    07J41E0033 J4
    04J41F0012 J4
    07J81E0041 J8
    07K31D0606 K3
    03K71A0531 K7
    03K81A0221 K8
    04K85A0501 K8
    07K81E0047 K8
    07K81E0053 K8
    07K91E0003 K9
    04K91F0022 K9
    05K91F0022 K9
    03M31A0449 M3
    07M31E0035 M3
    07M51E0011 M5
    07M51E0020 M5
    07M51E0030 M5
    08M51D3602 M5
    08M51D3612 M5
    08N11E0013 N1
    08N11E0012 N1
    08N11E0008 N1
    08N11E0007 N1
    08N11E0006 N1
    08N11E0005 N1
    08N11E0004 N1
    08N11E0003 N1
    08N11E0016 N1
    08N11E0018 N1
    08N11E0057 N1
    08N11E0053 N1
    08N11E0046 N1
    08N11E0043 N1
    08N11E0042 N1
    08N11E0033 N1
    08N11E0030 N1
    08N11E0028 N1
    08N11E0026 N1
    07P71E0074 P7
    08P81E0036 P8
    08P81E0033 P8
    08P81E0035 P8
    08P81E0037 P8
    08P81E0041 P8
    08P81E0042 P8
    08P81E0046 P8
    08P81E0031 P8
    08P81E0030 P8
    08P81E0029 P8
    08P81E0026 P8
    08P81E0023 P8
    08P81E0022 P8
    08P81E0021 P8
    08P81E0019 P8
    08P81E0018 P8
    08P81E0047 P8
    08P81E0049 P8
    08P81E0050 P8
    08P81E0001 P8
    08P81E0003 P8
    08P81E0054 P8
    08P81E0004 P8
    08P81E0008 P8
    08P81E0009 P8
    08P81E0011 P8
    08P81E0015 P8
    08P81E0044 P8
    08P81E0059 P8
    08P81E0052 P8
    08P81E0053 P8
    08P81E0017 P8
    08P81E0056 P8
    08P81E0057 P8
    08P81E0058 P8
    07Q61F0059 Q6
    06Q61E0022 Q6
    06Q91F0047 Q9
    08Q91E0009 Q9
    08R21F0058 R2
    08R21F0056 R2
    08R21F0050 R2
    08R21E0013 R2
    08R21E0020 R2
    08R21E0021 R2
    08R21E0025 R2
    08R21E0026 R2
    08R21E0027 R2
    08R21E0028 R2
    08R21E0030 R2
    08R21E0031 R2
    08R21E0032 R2
    08R21E0034 R2
    08R21E0036 R2
    08R21E0037 R2
    08R21E0039 R2
    08R21E0041 R2
    08R21E0019 R2
    08R21E0018 R2
    08R21E0012 R2
    08R21E0011 R2
    08R21E0010 R2
    08R21E0009 R2
    08R21E0008 R2
    08R21E0007 R2
    08R21E0006 R2
    08R21E0005 R2
    08R21E0004 R2
    08R21E0003 R2
    08R21E0002 R2
    08R21E0001 R2
    08R21E0016 R2
    08R21E0038 R2
    08R21E0042 R2
    08R21E0045 R2
    08R21E0047 R2
    08R21F0015 R2
    08R21F0019 R2
    08R21F0024 R2
    08R21F0025 R2
    08R21F0026 R2
    08R21F0027 R2
    08R21F0032 R2
    08R21F0039 R2
    08R21F0040 R2
    08R21F0041 R2
    08R21F0042 R2
    08R21E0040 R2
    08R21F0046 R2
    08R21F0047 R2
    08R21F0010 R2
    08R21E0014 R2
    08R21F0009 R2
    08R21E0048 R2
    08R21E0049 R2
    08R21E0051 R2
    08R21E0052 R2
    08R21E0053 R2
    08R21E0055 R2
    08R21E0056 R2
    08R21E0058 R2
    08R21E0059 R2
    08R21E0060 R2
    08R21F0003 R2
    08R21F0007 R2
    08R21F0008 R2
    08R21F0048 R2
    06R21F0046 R2
    06R21F0004 R2
    06R21E0004 R2
    07R21F0051 R2
    07R21F0048 R2
    07R21F0042 R2
    07R21E0049 R2
    07R21E0040 R2
    07R21E0034 R2
    07R21E0022 R2
    07R21E0017 R2
    07R21E0015 R2
    07R21E0009 R2
    07R31F0052 R3
    07R31F0048 R3
    07R31F0043 R3
    07R31F0033 R3
    07R31F0023 R3
    07R31F0018 R3
    07R31F0019 R3
    07R31F0006 R3
    07R31E0026 R3
    08S51E0018 S5
    08S51E0058 S5
    08S51E0001 S5
    08S51E0019 S5
    08S51E0020 S5
    08S51E0021 S5
    08S51E0022 S5
    08S51E0023 S5
    08S51E0025 S5
    08S51E0026 S5
    08S51E0027 S5
    08S51E0028 S5
    08S51E0029 S5
    08S51E0017 S5
    08S51E0016 S5
    08S51E0015 S5
    08S51E0003 S5
    08S51E0004 S5
    08S51E0005 S5
    08S51E0007 S5
    08S51E0008 S5
    08S51E0009 S5
    08S51E0011 S5
    08S51E0012 S5
    08S51E0013 S5
    08S51E0014 S5
    08S51E0030 S5
    08S51E0060 S5
    08S51E0047 S5
    08S51E0048 S5
    08S51E0050 S5
    08S51E0051 S5
    08S51E0052 S5
    08S51E0053 S5
    08S51E0055 S5
    08S51E0056 S5
    08S51E0057 S5
    08S51E0059 S5
    08S51E0046 S5
    08S51E0044 S5
    08S51E0043 S5
    08S51E0031 S5
    08S51E0032 S5
    08S51E0033 S5
    08S51E0034 S5
    08S51E0035 S5
    08S51E0036 S5
    08S51E0037 S5
    08S51E0039 S5
    08S51E0040 S5
    08S51E0041 S5
    08S51E0042 S5
    08T81F0044 T8
    08T81F0043 T8
    08T81F0042 T8
    08T81F0041 T8
    08T81F0040 T8
    08T81F0038 T8
    08T81F0045 T8
    08T81F0046 T8
    08T81F0047 T8
    08T81F0048 T8
    08T81F0049 T8
    08T81F0050 T8
    08T81F0051 T8
    08T85A0202 T8
    08T85A0401 T8
    08T81F0027 T8
    08T81F0036 T8
    08T81F0035 T8
    08T81E0057 T8
    08T81E0045 T8
    08T81E0046 T8
    08T81E0047 T8
    08T81E0048 T8
    08T81E0049 T8
    08T81E0051 T8
    08T81E0052 T8
    08T81F0015 T8
    08T81E0044 T8
    08T81E0043 T8
    08T81E0037 T8
    08T81E0038 T8
    08T81E0039 T8
    08T81E0040 T8
    08T81E0041 T8
    08T81E0042 T8
    08T81E0058 T8
    08T81E0021 T8
    08T81E0053 T8
    08T81E0054 T8
    08T81F0006 T8
    08T81F0005 T8
    08T81F0004 T8
    08T81F0003 T8
    08T81F0002 T8
    08T81F0001 T8
    08T81E0060 T8
    08T81E0059 T8
    08T81F0007 T8
    08T81F0008 T8
    08T81E0055 T8
    08T81F0014 T8
    08T81E0056 T8
    08T81F0013 T8
    08T81F0012 T8
    08T81F0011 T8
    08T81F0010 T8
    08T81F0009 T8
    08T81E0036 T8
    08T81E0032 T8
    08T81E0031 T8
    08T81E0002 T8
    08T81E0001 T8
    08T81F0017 T8
    08T81F0018 T8
    08T81F0019 T8
    08T81F0020 T8
    08T81F0022 T8
    08T81F0023 T8
    08T81F0024 T8
    08T81F0025 T8
    08T81F0026 T8
    08T81F0028 T8
    08T81F0029 T8
    08T81F0030 T8
    08T81F0031 T8
    08T81F0032 T8
    08T81F0033 T8
    08T81E0003 T8
    08T81E0004 T8
    08T81E0005 T8
    08T81E0030 T8
    08T81E0028 T8
    08T81E0027 T8
    08T81E0024 T8
    08T81E0023 T8
    08T81E0022 T8
    08T81E0020 T8
    08T81E0018 T8
    08T81E0017 T8
    08T81E0016 T8
    08T81E0007 T8
    08T81E0009 T8
    08T81E0011 T8
    08T81E0012 T8
    08T81E0014 T8
    08T81E0015 T8
    08T81F0034 T8
    07T81A0575 T8
    07T81A0577 T8
    07T81A0579 T8
    07T81A0591 T8
    07T81A0593 T8
    07T81A0594 T8
    07T81A05A0 T8
    07T81A0595 T8
    07T81A0573 T8
    07T81A0568 T8
    07T81A04A4 T8
    07T81A04B0 T8
    07T81A0506 T8
    07T81A0518 T8
    07T81A0525 T8
    07T81A0547 T8
    07T81A0551 T8
    07T81A0561 T8
    07T81A05A3 T8
    07T81A05A7 T8
    07T81A1257 T8
    07T81A1256 T8
    07T81A1249 T8
    07T81A1244 T8
    07T81A1239 T8
    07T81A1232 T8
    07T81A1230 T8
    07T81A1225 T8
    07T81A1220 T8
    07T81A1218 T8
    07T81A1211 T8
    07T81A1210 T8
    07T81A1209 T8
    07T81A1206 T8
    07T81A1201 T8
    07T81A05B8 T8
    07T81A05B4 T8
    07T81F0060 T8
    07T81A0202 T8
    07T81A0406 T8
    07T81A0404 T8
    07T81A0402 T8
    07T81A0253 T8
    07T81A0252 T8
    07T81A0248 T8
    07T81A0245 T8
    07T81A0243 T8
    07T81A0235 T8
    07T81A0232 T8
    07T81A0231 T8
    07T81A0230 T8
    07T81A0228 T8
    07T81A0227 T8
    07T81A0225 T8
    07T81A0218 T8
    07T81A0207 T8
    07T81A0410 T8
    07T81A0414 T8
    07T81A0454 T8
    07T81A0459 T8
    07T81A0461 T8
    07T81A0467 T8
    07T81A0484 T8
    07T81A0488 T8
    07T81A0491 T8
    07T81A04A3 T8
    07T81A0441 T8
    07T81A0437 T8
    07T81A0415 T8
    07T81A0421 T8
    07T81A0422 T8
    07T81A0427 T8
    07T81A0428 T8
    07T81A0431 T8
    07T81A0435 T8
    07T81A0436 T8
    06T81A0202 T8
    06T81A0221 T8
    06T81A0516 T8
    06T81A0454 T8
    06T81A0505 T8
    06T81A1241 T8
    06T81A1235 T8
    06T81A1223 T8
    06T81A1207 T8
    06T81A0559 T8
    06T81A0536 T8
    06T81A0523 T8
    06T81A0521 T8
    06T81A0210 T8
    07U01E0036 U0
    07U01E0035 U0
    07U01E0027 U0
    07U01E0026 U0
    07U01E0021 U0
    07U01E0006 U0
    07U01E0001 U0
    07U11E0039 U1
    07U11E0041 U1
    08U11E0016 U1
    07U51E0011 U5
    08X01F0058 X0
    08X01F0002 X0
    08X01F0018 X0
    08X01F0019 X0
    08X01F0021 X0
    08X01F0022 X0
    08X01F0023 X0
    08X01F0024 X0
    08X01F0025 X0
    08X01F0028 X0
    08X01F0031 X0
    08X01F0017 X0
    08X01F0016 X0
    08X01F0015 X0
    08X01F0003 X0
    08X01F0006 X0
    08X01F0007 X0
    08X01F0008 X0
    08X01F0010 X0
    08X01F0011 X0
    08X01F0012 X0
    08X01F0013 X0
    08X01F0014 X0
    08X01F0032 X0
    08X01F0033 X0
    08X01F0049 X0
    08X01F0051 X0
    08X01F0052 X0
    08X01F0055 X0
    08X01F0056 X0
    08X01F0057 X0
    08X01F0059 X0
    08X01F0060 X0
    08X01F0048 X0
    08X01F0047 X0
    08X01F0046 X0
    08X01F0034 X0
    08X01F0035 X0
    08X01F0037 X0
    08X01F0038 X0
    08X01F0039 X0
    08X01F0040 X0
    08X01F0043 X0
    08X01F0045 X0
    08X01F0044 X0
    08Z01M0409 Z0
    08Z01M0411 Z0
    08Z01M0410 Z0

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    after applying of convocation how much time required for issue od please reply me i have applied convocation at 28/08/2012 iam 2012 batch bpharm student

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    Quote Originally Posted by sagar.baddipelli View Post
    after applying of convocation how much time required for issue od please reply me i have applied convocation at 28/08/2012 iam 2012 batch bpharm student
    U will get it within 15 to 20 working days.

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