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Thread: JNTU-HYD : Comprehensive Viva-Voce Fee Structure

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    JNTU-HYD : Comprehensive Viva-Voce Fee Structure

    1) The Comprehensive Viva-Voce Examination is an external exam as per academic regulation.

    2) For Comprehensive Viva-exam, an exam fee of Rs.200/- (For regular students) and Rs.500/- (For Supplementary students) shall be collected along with the fee for theory/practical examinations.

    3) The colleges may retain Rs.100/- per candidate to conduct the Comprehensive Viva-Voce Examinations.

    4) From the retained amount a remuneration of Rs.30/- per candidate may be paid to the Head of the Department , Rs.20/-each to two experts of the same department who are acting as examiners.

    5) The remaining amount of Rs.30/- may be paid to the ministerial staff and may be used for meeting the other incidental expenses.

    These order shall come into force with immediate effect.

    For official Notification visit the below url
    Comprehensive Viva-Voce Questions & Study Materials
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