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Thread: project works

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    Exclamation project works

    Suggested areas for project work.
    1. Industrial Pharmacy
    2. Clinical Pharmacy/ Pharmacology
    3. Pharmacognosy /Medical Chemistry
    4. Pharmaceutical Analysis / Quality Assurance
    5. Pharmaceutical Marketing

    These are given in the syllabus book and please give me guidance about how to go about them.
    I dont have any idea about project work.

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    Smile BPharmacy project work

    First choose your choice of intrest or else you may have idea which branch you may choose in M.Pharmacy, choose project regarding that field. this will help you gaining knowledge regarding particular branch. but to do in college pharmacognosy will be best.

    if you want any assistance you can go to the below organization. It helped me lot in completing my project work. It is offering live projects for bpharmacy and mpharmacy students.

    Essence Academy

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